Currently: Rebellious PR

I'm currently Senior Social Media Manager and department head for Rebellious PR, a communications agency focused on uplifting and amplifying the stories of diverse companies. Here, I'm growing our social media team, implementing new content management and reporting systems, and overseeing campaigns and content development for a full roster and wide variety of clients.

Previously: Tin House

I managed all the Tin House social media channels, both in content creation and community management capacities, reporting growth and engagement numbers that placed Tin House at the forefront of independent publishing.

Social Media Content:

Whether we needed a timely and tactful PR response, ideas for eye-catching creatives, or community-building for a collaborative UGC campaign, I worked all the way from concept to content.

Analytics & Insights:


For 2020, we exceeded the Instagram platform growth of our competitors by >50%. I hit our annual growth goal an entire 3 months early, and ended up exceeding that goal by 42%. A prime competitor account has grown by 18k in 3 years; we grew by 20k in 2, closing their 30% lead to 5%. Overall, I grew our platform by 37% this past year. I also broke 100k on Twitter this year: under my care, the average number of followers gained per year grew from 7.1k to 10.5k.


On Twitter, my average engagement rate hovered between 1.1% and 1.3%, which is over twice the industry average — over 2020, it never went below 0.7%. This also meant that my content went further than ever; I raised our average monthly impressions from ~400k to over 1 million. My most successful campaign had a 5.7% engagement rate — over 11 times the industry average.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns:

I grew the Tin House network of influencers from less than 100 to more than 400, cultivating extensive personal relationships with accounts ranging from 5k to 250k followers on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, Goodreads, and more.

It isn't just about quantity, though; I also diversified that network and I conducted extensive research to reach #OwnVoices accounts that our audience particularly values. I have worked with disabled reviewers, Indigenous reviewers, trans and nonbinary reviewers, and other BIPOC and LGBTQ+ groups to ensure that our audience hears about our products from the voices they trust.

Newsletter & Email Marketing Content:

The consumer-facing newsletters that I wrote had an average open rate of 25.64% (a full 3.5% above industry average) — you can read some of my favorites here.

Traditional Publicity & Media Outreach:

In addition to my digital marketing and social media work, I also contributed pitch letters, press releases, and tailored, strategic media lists for a full roster of 20-24 books per year. I've secured national and regional coverage for Tin House books and authors in print, digital, and broadcast media, contributing to coverage in outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, NPR's Fresh Air, Vogue, and more. A recent highlight: I landed a full feature and author profile in a leading national periodical to promote a book that wasn't a new title — the first time they've ever done such coverage for a reissue!

Triangle House Literary:

In addition to my work at Tin House, I wear several hats on the team at Triangle House Literary as a publicist and social media/digital content strategist. I helped develop a clear, flexible brand guide and identity to engage readers and writers across platforms, and have begun an aggressive cross-platform growth campaign. In addition, as Nonfiction Editor, I develop and publish content for their online magazine.

Twitter Development:

Since joining the Triangle House social media team, my strategies for Twitter-specific platform growth and targeted industry outreach have resulted in 4% compounding monthly growth. Scroll through and see what we're up to!

Newsletter & Blog Content:

Along with editing the Nonfiction section of the Triangle House Literary Review, I also consult on digital content and email marketing strategy.

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